There's still time

One thing I did not try this school year that I want to.

The question/prompt for this installment of #AprilBlogaDay implies that it is still a possibility even though the school year is almost over. Therefore, that eliminates a looong list of items that are written on scraps of paper in various places. Thankfully, that removes plenty of guilt and angst for me.

What remains are a couple of possibilities …

... a short structured daily writing exercise, based on the current reading, that leads to the completion of an essay without the students staying up late the previous night typing frantically until the minimum page number is met. It might even make some sense.

… have the students do more of the in class out loud reading.

… create more opportunities for voice for those students who don’t raise their hands every day.

With just over six weeks remaining, I’ve got a shot at these.


  1. I admire your optimism. I feel the same way. There's still time!

    1. I also figure that if I list three and keep in mind that is it now baseball season, even getting one into the rotation of my daily activities would give me Hall of Fame numbers as a hitter. :)


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