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When is not a blog a blog?

I like to play golf but do not do it very often, therefore I am not very good. But that's okay because I have no aspirations for the PGA and it gives my golf outings a sense of adventure beyond the course itself (woods walks searching for wayward golf balls and/or clubs that have "slipped" from my grasp, etc). All of this allows me a more casual approach to my scoring, i.e. a lost ball does not mean a penalty to me because I believe the lost ball is penalty enough. It helps keep the experience less stressful.

It's time to take the same stress-free approach to my blog. 
My number of posts are very infrequent, similar to my rounds of golf, but I would like to change that. They are not as frequent as I would like for many reasons, but one of those is the time I have been spending putting together tutorials, lessons, and web pages for the faculty at my school. To remedy the stress of blogging, or lack thereof, I decided to use the "lost ball" approach and stretch…