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PLN Trailer

The Worldwide Chalkboard Lurker is intended as a brief teaser to get some of my colleagues interested in building a PLN. If it works, I hope they explore web pages that I will soon build and populate with "baby steps" into building a PLN. It will begin with Twitter (set up an account, follow 20-25 of the educators I have found to be very sharing, and set up TweetDeck to watch the magic happen!). The next steps: check out an #edchat archive and use TweetChat to follow a Tuesday session. At the same time they can explore and join several Nings. At this point they will be well on their way to building on a great base.

I know I am missing many things but the idea is to give them steps they can achieve without becoming overwhelmed. Does this seem like an effective approach?

What Atticus Finch can teach us about educational reform

Fifty years ago this week, Harper Lee published "To Kill a Mickingbird" and in doing so introduced the world to Atticus Finch, the lawyer who stood up against racism in the 1930's in a small Southern town. He did so not because he wanted to make a statement or move on to bigger and better things, but because he felt it was the right thing to do for the defendant (Tom Robinson) and his own conscience.

Recently there have been those who have stated that Atticus' methods would not work today because they are not forceful or vocal enough to be heard. If the novel were written or published today, maybe he would have held a one hour special on CNN (or Oprah?) and announced his intentions to actually defend Tom Robinson even though most believed he should not?

But I doubt it.

Atticus firmly believed in himself and allowing the opinions of others the respect they deserved. He didn't force his opinion on others via shouting matches or violence. He choose to do what was ri…