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miniCMS - my course websites

As I begin to study Course Management Systems (CMS) for a class in my Masters program at Full Sail University, I can't help but see a connection between the large scale CMS programs being discussed and what my students and I can create (and in some cases have created) for my course using a blog and a wiki. In a way, the course sites have become a personal version of a CMS.
The National Learning Infrastructure Initiative (NLII) identified five learner-centered principles ( that lead to "deeper learning" in the learning experience: social (feedback and interaction between learners and instructors), active (peer and expert feedback), contextual (learner-centric design), engaging (individualized learning), and student-owned (some degree of self-control).
Through a comment section and added chat window, the site can become social and active for my students. It is contextual in the fact that students can explore the link…