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3 Things to do BEFORE using Google Classroom

Google Classroom does not do everything (yet!) but it does do several things very well. If you plan to use three of its strongest features (distribute resources, distribute and collect assignments, or create complete lessons), there are a few things to do before you use it with students.
#1 Prepare “static” resources
Let’s start small. Classroom is great for distributing “static” resources (articles or readings as handouts or website links). Gone will be the days of “I lost it,” “I wasn’t here,” or “You didn’t give me one.” “But you were in class when I handed them out!” “Well then, you must not like me.” You’ll want to get the resources “Google Classroom ready” and keep track of them for future reference.

How to get resource ready: Add the link or the document name to a document that has all the links and handout names in order. Copy the handout/document to Google Drive.

The details:Create a Google Doc (this will be a theme) in a Google Drive folder for the course and/or unit. In this …