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Classes switch, ideas exchanged - online?

This post was prompted in part by Ten Sites, Huh?  I wrote a response and wanted to reprint it here and expound on what I wrote. What connected with me was that Todd Seal has had a difficult time finding useful lesson plans online, even with all that is out there. I felt the same and began thinking about how that could be possible given all that is available.
As a recent entrant into the web 2.0 foray (December 2008 through a masters class) I have been somewhat overwhelmed by what is out there. It has been like getting a drink of water from a fire hose. (Using a quick search I found this visual.) I have over twenty bookmark folders and the one titled "Teacher Resources" has well over 100 sites bookmarked. When am I going to get to all of these? How can I use them to help me become a better teacher? While many are tools that I have started to implement and some I hope to use in the future, only a couple are actual lesson plans for the stories and novels I teach. My best source…