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How the edcamp-lite model worked out

This past summer I put together a professional learning day at my school using a hybrid edcamp and traditional conference model as a guide. Modifications were necessary due to size, late planning, and nerves. In the end, though, things turned out well for the twenty or so participants who came from my school (DeMatha) and the three county private schools we also invited.

Planning for a limited number of attendees (under 50), I was worried that there might not be enough variety to go completely edcamp. Quite frankly, I also wasn't looking forward to the blank stares I was going to get when I replied "I don't know" to their "What are the session topics?" Therefore, I set up the day for one track and a total of five sessions, each lasting approximately 50 minutes. There would not be presenters (the edcamp influence) but each session would have a topic (my nerves influence): Communication, Assessment and Feedback, Online Classroom, Professional Development, and…