PLN Trailer

The Worldwide Chalkboard Lurker is intended as a brief teaser to get some of my colleagues interested in building a PLN. If it works, I hope they explore web pages that I will soon build and populate with "baby steps" into building a PLN. It will begin with Twitter (set up an account, follow 20-25 of the educators I have found to be very sharing, and set up TweetDeck to watch the magic happen!). The next steps: check out an #edchat archive and use TweetChat to follow a Tuesday session. At the same time they can explore and join several Nings. At this point they will be well on their way to building on a great base.

I know I am missing many things but the idea is to give them steps they can achieve without becoming overwhelmed. Does this seem like an effective approach?


  1. Cool video, Tom. Short and to the point. Enjoyed it. Should be enough to whet the appetites of some folks.

  2. Great Video. I just wanted to update you that I made some new versions of the Edutweets widget which you have installed. It has a couple more tabs. The new versions are here:


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