The worst advice I've ever heard about technology in the classroom

The worst advice I've ever heard about technology in the classroom came out of my own mouth. It went something like "You should do/use/incorporate this because it is great and easy to do."

I don't remember what this was but I do remember the comment from one of my colleagues after I said it a couple of times during a professional development session. She stopped me at one point and asked if she could be perfectly honest with me.

Me: Of course.
Her: "Well, it is probably easy for you but it's not really easy for me."
Me: Yet
Her: "Maybe. But until then, it's even more frustrating that I don't get it when you keep reminding me how easy it should be."
Me: I guess I'll hide this big red "That was easy" button until a later session.

I've tried to avoid the word in any presentation or PD session since.


  1. Tom,
    What a great answer for this topic! I never thought about the bad technology advice I've given, but I'm quite sure I'm guilty of it, as well.

    Your first sentence really captured my attention! Yes, that easy button works for you, but maybe not for everyone. My husband and I are good examples of "That's easy!" We both have very different things we like and are "easy" for us when it comes to technology. He is really good with hardware, and doesn't understand when I don't know which cord to use. I'm good with software, and I often help him figure something out with an online program.

    Anyway, I agree it's good to not pull out the easy button until they are ready to push it!



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