The streak is over!

Although I'd gotten one #AprilBlogaDay post in just under the wire, I had not missed a one-a-day deadline.

Until now (yesterday, really).

Neither the missed deadline nor the 11-day streak leading up to it is really THAT significant. It's only 11 days and it's completely voluntary. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. But it still bothers me a little and that's what is significant.

Significant in that it shows that I have started to make the process part of a daily routine, maybe soon to be a habit. It's what I started this for in the first place. It's the good kind of bothered that leads to keeping on a task even when there is a bump in the road.


  1. Tom, I went through a similar thought process when I participated in the #28daysofwriting challenge. Like you, I ultimately decided it was for my own growth and that even though I didn't participate everyday, I learned from it, I had written more than I ever had, and it got my blog going, so to me it was successful.

  2. Yes, Tom, it's all voluntary, but it's significant to you and me. It is kick-starting my blogging again. Making me realize I have things to share, even if they aren't polished. Even if no one reads them, I'm doing it for myself.

    I'm glad you just consider it a bump in the road.



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