Practices to end in education

There are two practices I’d like to see “die” in education and both are simply a matter of wording.

The first: When people put down the "S" in SAMR. All letters in SAMR are important. Too often, I’ve seen statements putting down someone’s use of technology “only” as a substitution.

It has to start somewhere for each teacher. Sometimes, that’s the first step and other times it leads on to much more. That first step builds confidence and starts setting the stage for further advances.

The second: Less use of “THE” and more use of “A.” Each new idea is touted as THE one. Everything else is pretty much useless and has been done since the 1900’s.

Each new idea is A new one in the toolbox of many. Learn it. Understand it. Try to use it if it works for you and your students. Add it to your arsenal but don’t forget the foundation it is built upon.


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