One small step to elevate the profession

What is one small step I am willing to do to elevate the profession?

Based on the number of readers I am getting, it's not these blogs posts! Replacing "small" with "minuscule" (is there a word that means something even smaller?) may be more appropriate in that case.

But that's not why I'm doing this I keep telling myself. Therefore, after almost three weeks of posts, I've realized that I am basically the guy walking down the street talking to himself (the one without the phone sticking out of his ear) and I am fine with that.

What I can do is share and collaborate with colleagues, both at DeMatha and those I am in contact with through social media. I've learned an incredible amount (this is where an adjective for a really, really large number would come in handy) from my colleagues through the years. But helping them requires getting to know them well enough so that I know what they are doing and how they are doing it. Otherwise it is too hit or miss, like a blind sales call, a direct mass mailing, or a poor professional development session.

Asking questions and listening closely are the two things that lead directly to the most effective sharing of any of my experience with others. The more I know about them the better. Helping them in any way, no matter how small, may be something I can do to elevate their impact on our profession. Which helps us all.


  1. I'm here, and I'm listening. So you're not just talking to yourself. What is one thing you've done to elevate the profession?

    1. Sue,

      Thanks for reading!

      A few things come to mind: I've tried to make myself open and responsive to any questions new colleagues may have; I've run workshops and sessions at school; and, I've participated in NUMEROUS education chats and added my opinions and thoughts when relevant.

      In all cases, it's very much like teaching. You give what you think will help but you rarely see the direct impact any of it may have. I just hope in some way they are able to gain some insight and improve what they are doing based on what I can share.

  2. I'm sure your efforts to support other staff do not go unnoticed. They must appreciate you if they keep coming back for more!


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