Is Education a Puzzle or a Mystery?

"A puzzle is something that commands our curiosity until we have solved it. A mystery, by contrast, never stops inviting inquiry." - Ian Leslie, Curious

There is a solid sense of satisfaction in placing the last piece of a puzzle (I may argue that the second to last piece provides a little more because it is the last one that involves some semblance of challenge).

Rarely does that sense of completeness happen in teaching.

An approach to all aspects of teaching as a puzzle is bound to lead to frustration. Although it is possible that it may work for areas like seat assignments, syllabi, and even some content.

But ("Biggest little word in the English language." - Buck Offutt) there are many aspects of the day to day and even class to class interactions in teaching that will always be a mystery.

Accepting the invitation for inquiry into that mystery is what good teachers continually and
willingly do.


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