How a distrust in technology can lead to better writing/editing

Me talking to microphone on tablet: "You start with baby steps."
Speech-to-text result: "You big fat idiot."

It is much more common for me to use speech to text dictation recently because it is so easy to do on my phone and tablet. It's usually for one sentence notes or to do list items and not longer writings such as this because it's not what I'm used to. Although, I am using it for this writing and find it, honestly, a somewhat awkward process.

But I'm an old dog and that doesn't mean my students aren't going to take advantage of it. In their doing so I have seen one advantage to the process. They seem to have a mistrust in the voice recognition working perfectly and have more confidence in their typing skills. 

The result? They go back and read over their "writing" a little more carefully, making sure it transcribed everything correctly.

Not a bad thing at all, especially if the alternative is the awkwardness of the situation where a student "accidentally" called me a "big fat idiot."


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