Birdman, Garcia Marquez, and Hype

One of my all-time favorite stories from one of my favorite authors is "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Here is a link to the text online). It seems appropriate to remember this story on the first Easter since Marquez's death last year and even more so after all the acclaim and attention that the movie "Birdman" has received. That movie appeared to be inspired by Marquez's work.

It's a story in which an old man with wings appears and creates an unintentional stir which generates income, doubters, and proponents. Finally, authorities become involved, both spiritual and otherwise, and it becomes almost impossible to live up to the hype.

While I had no intention to connect this to anything else, I will anyway.

Whatever it is, can the latest new education idea (or 21st century packaging of an old one) survive the ebb and flow that usually comes with it?

Even if it doesn’t, just like the Marquez story, it will probably still leave some kind of an impression.


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