4 things we have to stop pretending in education

There are five listed here for my April Blog a Day post (#22) but the last one is too personal to be part of the main list.

#1 We know the future we are preparing students for
Yes, there are a lot of changes in education and technology recently but we can't today and never really have been able to. But, if we make students the best learners and people that they can be and give them a solid and varied foundation, they will have the tools and attitude to handle and create their own future, whatever it may be. I think that's always been the case.

#2 New teaching method __________ is the only/best way to go
Fill in the blank with any of the latest. This is a tricky one for me because by no means am I saying that it can't work. As a matter of fact, I may have tried it or may be doing that very thing. I definitely don't want to quell any enthusiasm or knock down a good idea without giving it a go. It's the words "only" or "best" that get me because everything else is therefore useless. Add the new idea and let it grow naturally. If it's an oak, it'll get big and strong soon enough.

#3 Old teaching method __________ is the only/best way to go
It may be working but the only way to know for sure is to compare it to something else or something new. If you don't try, you can't ever be sure.

#4 If something is not done well (i.e. PowerPoint), it should not be used at all
Instead of jumping on the anti-train, it'd be more productive to offer helpful hints for improvements to the process. There's always someone doing it well, whatever "it" may be.

#4.5 April Blog a Day posts are a "15 minute reflection" - This one's personal. :)
One of the things I was hoping for during the month was to practice this process so much that I could write a post in close to 15 minutes. The result? Not yet, unless, in this case, I had stopped after #1.
But I still have 8 more practice rounds.


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