I haven't learned it - yet

Can I know a student's effort?


HOW can I know a student's effort?

Carol Dweck's "Mindset" is rubbing off on me already. I wrote it out the first way, added the "How" in front because it felt so negative otherwise. 

Because it was.

If I left it the original way, I may have even convinced myself that it would be impossible and it probably would have ended there. Instead, I'll be looking for more ways to gauge my students' efforts which is so key in helping them figure out their way. 

The growth mindset leads us to try to figure out a way as opposed to a way NOT.  It's the difference between "I can't figure this out" and "I can't figure this out - yet."

That little word changes that sentence in a big way.  It's the difference between giving up and and trying another way.  I'd much rather have a room full of students who add the "how" before or the "yet" after.  That's what I'll aim for this year. 


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