Change Agent's DNA?

While I was viewing The Field Guide for Change Agents created at Educon today I was reminded of an article I came across a few weeks ago entitled The Innovator's DNA. In it the authors identified five "discovery skills" in creative executives: associating, questioning, observing, experimenting, and networking.

It is no surprise that the skills necessary to become an innovative executive mirror those of a change agent in education. The fact that the change agent presentation was created at the Educon conference not only entails networking, but us noneducon attendees (or educon nonattendees?) can only imagine the amount of associating, questioning, observing, and experimenting that went on to produce such a document. They are skills that Change Agents (and probably most of the best educators) wield.

The great news is that in being drawn here and taking the time to read this post proves you have several of the "skills" of that innovative DNA. In this case, though, the DNA is not physical but a mental one you have developed over time. In becoming a part of a PLN and connecting with other educators, their thoughts and ideas, I feel that my DNA has been greatly modified for the better. The Field Guide for Change Agents is just the latest example of that.


  1. Long live the power and reach of noneducon and any future non(insert your nonattended conference here)event.


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