Wk3 - Scratch tutorial

Both Scratch and Alice peeked my interest because I teach a computer programming course. I have worked with the Alice program in the past and although it looks very interesting and powerful, it seemed to have a steep learning curve. I had seen the Scratch program and realized that I had actually already downloaded but had never worked through it.

The Scratch tutorial was a limited but well done introduction to the program. It walks the viewer through the basics and was enough to get me started. I am almost certain that my background in programming helped me understand it more so than a student new to programming would, so I think that I will need to work with students beyond this tutorial to get them up and running. Once they have done so, I think this program is a great introduction to the basics of program and will give them the background needed to understand the concepts as we cover them in class. It is fun, easy, and educational. What more could you ask for?


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