Several tutorials - iMovie '09 (EDM613 Wk2 #2)

Even though I do not own iMovie '09, I decided to work my through some of the tutorials to see what is available on the newer version that I may be interested in using. "Enjoying and Organizing Your Videos" was a good overview of how the videos are organized when they are created (not new to me) and how to rename or even combine (new to me) events. There was a noticeable difference between the way audio is handled in "Trimming Edits between Video Clips" in that it can be overlapped and changed. This was a powerful effect that I can take advantage of when I would like to keep an original soundtrack but lay different video on top. "Cropping and Rotating" was not new in the cropping sense but was in the rotating ability. I see that as something that may get annoying if used indiscriminately. Themes are something new that we mentioned in "Adding Themes and Titles" and I definitely think I would use those. Finally, "Add Animated Travel Maps" introduced a fun new map to add to travel movies. Overall, the tutorials are very well put together and are clearly expressed. They also made me want to upgrade to the new version soon. (image taken from a screen capture at on June 10, 2009)


  1. That is the problem of taking tutorials of programs you don't own: they're just one long commercial. Ack.


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