Wk2 #5 - Reading (EDM613)

I was very excited to read Jenkins' statement, "For a growing number of young Americans, images may represent as important a set of rhetorical resources as texts" (p. 233). That may seem contradictory for a literature teacher to be saying, but my excitement was in the fact that my thesis work is in finding media (images and movies) examples of literary terms and this helps support my belief that it is important for students to see the literary terms as well as read about them. I have also been reading "Reading in the Dark" by John Golden and he has seen marked improvement in his students' ability to analyze and critique literature by learning to do the same with film. By making students more aware of the images they see everyday online and in the media, they will learn how to judge content and read what is presented to them with better understanding. (photo from www.morguefile.com)


  1. Literacy is literacy, whether one is talking about film, books, or comic books... er, I mean, graphic novels. Excellent observation.


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