Week 1 in a flash (EDM613 Wk1 #5)

Looking ahead at week one for the course I had expected loads of extra time to complete projects as my school year wound down and I only had to proctor and give exams. It's amazing how much I was wrong. That extra time filled up so fast it was Sunday night before I knew it. I guess after eight months I should be used to that by now.
One of the most productive parts of the week was examining everything I had done so far in the Education Media Design and Technology Masters program at Full Sail University. It gave me chance to appreciate how far I have come. And yet, how far I have to go. To my habits I am adding something new: blogging. It is something I had planned to do more of and this is my opportunity to develop a voice and rhythm. I have found the reading extremely relevant and I wonder if part of the reason is because I am just getting better at it through practice in this program. I have found the tutorials somewhat helpful but I have issues when the person works through the presentation as if it is not scripted and there is too much randomness. I am learning about what to do and what not to do while viewing them. The bottom line is that week one has been a blur and with three weeks of class and a thesis remaining, I don't have time to blink anymore.


  1. Great insights on some of the tutorials. I started one on blogging and it was a complete failure because I was trying to go without a script. No go. It's too hard to not ramble when working without a script. Problem is, though, that one doesn't want to do this and sound like a reading drone. That's probably the only thing that's worse than the rambling guy who can't get to the point, the one who reads like a sedated second grader. Ack.


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