Video clips clipped (EDM613 Wk3 #2)

Video clips will be a key component to my thesis media project. One of the things I think I will need to do is to present a portion of a video clip that may be located on YouTube. My hope was to create an embed link that allowed me to add a code to the end to designate the start time and end time (or length) of the clip to display. That way, if a video was 5 minutes long but I only wanted to examine 25 seconds, that is all that would display.

I was able to find the code needed to display a clip beginning at a certain point (add #t=##m##s to the end of the URL) but was not able to find how to end the clip presentation. I experimented with many different and logical (at least I thought anyway) possibilities but to no avail. I was able to find two sites (TubeChop and Splicd) that gave me the option of putting in the URL and the start and end time and it created the URL. The one that worked the best for me was TubeChop because it allowed me to embed the code to the video clip in my blog while Splicd did not give me that option. While I would much prefer to add the code to the end of the URL myself, giving me total control over the video embed, I found this to be a satisfying compromise.

The video I choose not only speaks about the amazing technology that we use everyday, but of how quick we are to take it for granted and come to expect it.


  1. Love that we can all edit on the fly YouTube videos, but did you have to cut it just before the end of that particular joke (a giant aluminum tube flying through space!). I used to pull down videos and re-edit them to just the part that I wanted and then have to re-post them (slightly bending copyright... sorry!).


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