Twitter can be useful to teachers (EDM613 Wk1 #3)

A few months ago I found out about Twitter and created an account. My wife did the same thing at that time and after about 15 minutes of exploration neither of us was convinced that there was anything worthwhile in it. She said "Let me know when you find something useful to do with it" and was done. It has taken a while and although I still haven't found a reason for her to use it, it has become a valuable tool in my learning as an educator.

The list of those I follow has taken time to build. It began with people I knew (not many Twitters!) and through online real-time discussion forums such as educhat and Classroom 2.0 has grown to include teachers throughout the world. The people I follow generally have suggestions and ideas of web tools to use in the classroom (and beyond) with my students. I recently received a tweet about a kindergarden teacher sending tweets during the school day keeping the parents in the loop and encouraging them to ask their children about the specific activity when they get home. My bookmarks have increased to the hundreds and more keep coming everyday. As a matter of fact, I had to avoid checking them (I use a collection tool called Tweetdeck) recently so that I could get my school work complete. While "What are you doing?" can be very trivial and a waste of time coming from the wrong person, it can be valuable and extremely inspiring coming from the right teacher.


  1. I've been on Twitter for over two years, I think. Because I've felt like it's part of my job to keep up with the latest happenings in the tech and media world Twitter was a natural and I use it like a kind of RSS feed, subscribing to the voices that I normally would listen to or watch on podcasts. It's only been in the last year that I've actually had anyone who I knew who'd respond to my tweets. But, I get far more responses from friends in Facebook responding to my comments/status (which is fed through my tweets). We live in weird times.


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