Adding video embed to a blog (EDM613 Wk2 #1)

I have set up an account on in an attempt to upload videos links to my blog. One of the reasons I choose Viddler is its ability to allow the user to make comments during the course of the film, which is something I may want students to be able to do in my thesis media project. This particular video is one that I created in an early class. There were several problems initially in uploading the video as it gave me error messages but did not explain what the error was. After several attempts it worked! I then attempted to post to my blog from viddler but had no success. This was posted by hand using cut and paste of the link.


  1. great video (excellent story). I'm sorry that you had problems with viddler. I found that I had to export videos I'd made in Keynote as mov files and then load and re-export them in iMovie (which gave me a chance to add a few video touches). Viddler seemed to like the iMovie files more than the Keynote video files. I don't think I've ever done an automatic post from Viddler to my blog. I always choose the video frame size, etc., and then copy and paste the code into my blog. Oh well.


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