Ron Smith interview in segments

Video copyright Full Sail University 2009.

I broke the interview up into several sections based on the Dr. Ludgate questions. The questions I created are associated with each segment but I need to figure out how to display those. Can I access them while playing, that is the question.
Here are the questions, by segment, to be answered in the comment section.
1. Hollywood High
How is Hollywood High different from most high schools in terms of goals for its students?
A: Most are on a career path to Hollywood jobs.
2. Current media trends for HH students
What is the "hot" media with students at Hollywood High?
A: animation, and in particular, Flash
3. Ron Smith teaching style.
What technologies did Ron Smith try in his classroom before most teachers?
A: podcast and texting
How are Ron Smith's assignments different than those assigned in a "traditional" class?
A: Students have several options as to the format of what they turn in
4. Teacher reaction and acceptance
What program does Ron Smith NOT allow his students to use?
A: Powerpoint
What program do most of the teachers at Hollywood High use that Ron Smith does not agree with?
A: Powerpoint
What does Ron Smith mean when he says digital teaching is "front loaded?"
A: There is a lot of preparation work to be done in order to use technology for assignments and in the classroom
Why does this keep teachers from accepting technology?
A: They do not have the time to prepare
5. Hot technologies
What does the program Scratch do?
A: It is used for building games.
What did Mr. Smith do as a project with Goggle Sketchup?
A: Downloaded a picture from Google Earth from New Orleans for students to create a 3-D virtual block
What does Blender do?
A: 3D animation program
When Ron Smith gives an assignment with a new software tool, how is his teaching approach different than the "traditional" approach by many teachers?
A: He shows them how the buttons work and then they must figure it out from there
Would you like to be given assignments in this manner? Why or why not?
A: This would depend on the student, but many are used to like to be told the "answer" and not have to figure it out themselves
6. Education trends
What is the trend that Ron Smith sees in the immediate future for education?
A: curriculum going online
What type of students will benefit from this trend and why?
A: Those who move at a different pace and those who are not comfortable in a classroom setting

Video copyright Full Sail University 2009.


  1. What a great tool. Excellent job. Oh yeah, you might want to put a "Full Sail University 2009" copyright notice in the blog post (sources section at the bottom).


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