Online notes using presentation tools and Flickr (EDM613 Wk3 #1)

I am planning to have students put notes online each day next year and I thought presentation tools may be a much more interesting format to use. Students can create the slides and save each as an image. Those images can then be placed on a Flickr account and organized by topic. Using a presentation tool such as Animoto they can present the notes for viewing by other students. I tested the process using cell phone pictures my kids took on our first "Mystery Ride Monday" trip of the summer. The pictures were emailed to me and then I created a "set" in my Flickr account for the pictures. Animoto will go to the set and grab all the pictures in the order I have arranged them. It is a quick and simple process to create a 30-second "review" of the material from a class, for a test, or even field trip.


  1. Tom, Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I am trying to get a wiki page going for my students focusing mainly on writing skills. You have so many great ideas! I forget you teach Language Arts! I am going to look into Animoto more too!


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